The Services We Offer

Concrete Staircases
Beautiful, luxurious, bespoke concrete staircases, which are ready for finishing in almost any material – the most popular being marble, tiles, carpet or timber treads.

Coloured Concrete Staircases
We are also delighted to offer a modern and contemporary coloured and lightly buffed concrete staircase which is a strikingly beautiful feature to any building.

Our carpentry background also lends itself perfectly to the extensive range of reinforced concrete works that we offer, for example:
Swimming pools,
Reinforced concrete walls,
Retaining walls
Floor slabs,
Raft foundations;
Suspended floors,
Concrete slabs;
Concrete columns;
Waterproof structures;
Underground car parks’
Concrete water features; and
Bespoke radius lintels.

Concrete Staircases have over 20 years experience of providing beautiful, creative bespoke concrete staircases of distinction.