Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should we install concrete stairs?
A. Concrete stairs offer an affordable, bespoke, solid construction which are fire, flood and sound proof.
Q. How long does it take to construct concrete stairs?
A. Between 2 and 5 days.
Q. How long before we can use the stairs?
A. The stairs can typically be used the day after the concrete is poured.


Q. How can we finish concrete stairs?
A. The options are almost endless, but currently, the most popular choices are a plaster finish to the soffit and sides, with the treads and risers being covered in usually a hardwood timber, carpet, marble or tiles. Handrails are generally constructed in either wrought iron, timber, glass or indeed concrete for a sleek contemporary look!

Q. How much will bespoke concrete stairs cost?
A. Concrete stairs cost from £2,500 for individual one off stairs, but discounts can be offered in certain circumstances.

Q. At what stage should concrete stairs be installed?
A. For safety reasons and for ease of access for other trades where relevant, it is advisable to install at an early stage, however we have installed stairs in projects close to completion, as well as homes that were inhabited at the time.

Q. Can lights be put in concrete stairs?
A. Yes – we can install trunking or cable to enable you do this?

Q. Do concrete stairs need to be attached to a wall?
A. No it’s not necessary – and this can often be for aesthetic reasons.

Q. Can concrete stairs be made to appear to float?
A. Yes they certainly can.

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