Concrete Stairs Company Profile

Concrete Stairs has over 20 years’ experience of providing bespoke concrete stairs that are constructed in situ, giving almost unlimited design flexibility and avoiding the difficulties of trying to lift precast stairs into place. The highly trained team has been responsible for creating beautiful staircases in commercial and residential properties across the UK. Each staircase is uniquely tailored to suit the building and the owner’s vision.

The wealth of experience and specialist knowledge among Concrete Stair’s staff means they are able to help with design ideas and structural calculations if required and can advise on the best solution for a given situation. The team takes great pride in completing projects on time, on budget and with attention to detail from start to finish. As well as staircases for hotels, offices, apartment blocks, town halls and homes, Concrete Staircases provides smaller flights of concrete steps for gardens and swimming pools.

concrete stairs

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